Now you know ~
~ that we use only top quality natural ingredient it follows that, like all natural things, our soaps do have a limited life span. This is a fact we must accept if we are to avoid adding preservatives and stabilisers.
We make our soaps in small batches to ensure we give 100% attention to the process and to ensure all our soaps are of the highest standard with a truly handmade quality.
Our soaps therefore may vary slightly in size and weight and may not be absolutely square or oblong. This is because we cut each bar by hand using only our eyes as scales and measuring rules.
You may find areas of your soap have a white coating. This is known as ‘ash’. Not a very pretty word, but we can assure you it is only a result of the combined ingredients coming into contact with the air during the making process. This is totally harmless and will disappear after the first use.
A small price to pay for a quality product.


Our Soaps
Quality Handmade Soaps with Pure Essential Oils and added Moisturising Oils.
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Our Aim
The goal of our soap company is quite simply to create a mild soap that cleanses and moisturises without synthetic intrusion.
What is Soap?
We use the ‘Cold Process method of making soap by hand (not to be confused with the less complex ‘Melt & Pour’ method*) which is simply the combination of an acid (the oils and butters) and an alkali (the lye solution).
The result is something neutral, in this case a mild bar of soap, rich in natural glycerine. The glycerine is not added, but produced naturally within the process. This tremendous bonus of natural glycerine moisturises the skin keeping it soft and supple.
Unfortunately, in most commercial soap industries this natural glycerine is removed and a synthetic replacement is added. The natural glycerine is then sold as a valuable ‘by product’, leaving the manufacturers rich and your skin deprived of natural goodness.
Our method leaves our soaps far more wholesome and pure which we believe to be to everyone’s wish, especially those with sensitive skin as they can count on its simplicity.
We choose not to use synthetic oils and fragrances but instead we use only pure oils and butters that are known to gently cleanse and soften the skin, along with pure essential oils, already known for their therapeutic effects.
The effects and benefits of these oils are listed on the products page. 
Care for your Soap
Before use: It is important that you keep your soap wrapped in order to preserve the scents of the essential oils. (Many people just unwrap pure soaps merely to fragrance their bathrooms).
After use: Allow your soap to air dry naturally i.e. do not keep it in a closed container when wet.
By following these simple rules you should be able to enjoy this wonderful product right down to the last slither.
Allergen Warning
Please read our ingredients label carefully, especially if you are pregnant.
Although all our ingredients are natural you may already have a known sensitivity to some.
Please discontinue use if any intolerance occurs.
Environment Matters
You may be aware of the recent press and news releases regarding the devastation to wildlife habitats caused by the destruction of rain forests to make way for Palm Plantations.
Some of our soaps do contain Palm Oil, but please be assured we have sourced this from a global company registered with the R.S.P.O.* which is dedicated to helping local farmers on smallholdings around the world to responsibly grow produce, in this case palms, giving them a chance of a better livelihood without the devastating effects unethical groups are leaving in their wake.
*Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
All our products have been approved by a reputable Cosmetic Safety Consultant and have been validated in line with recent EU legislation.
*‘Melt & Pour’ is an almost instant method of soap making where the base ingredients have already been commercially prepared (sometimes including chemicals). This takes away the soap maker’s control over ingredients and customisation of recipes.
The ‘Cold Process’ method starts from scratch enabling a choice of ingredients for best end user benefits. It also demands a lengthy 8 week curing period which requires committed attention throughout.
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